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First time at a Suq!

During our stay at Muscat, the capital of Oman, we went to visit a ‘Suq’ for the first time. A Suq is some kind of Arabic market held at very tiny streets, only accessible by foot. Some of them are ‘over-arched’, others have open sky.

Walking through it gives a real special feeling and looks something like this:

2013-06-24 18.20.42

Because Muscat isn’t filled tourists, this market doesn’t make you feel like all the market owners are trying to rip you of. The majority of the shoppers were local people so it was nice to blend in and enjoy the walk. Although I didn’t buy anything (don’t have room left in my bag anyway) it was very nice to see the different parts: Gold market, Clothing market, Household materials market, Gifts & Souvenirs Market, etc.

Some parts are nicer than others but you can really have nice time there, just by watching the whole scenery.

Apparently there are Suqs in every major Arabic city, but this is where I visited my first!

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First time at Muscat!

After visiting the former capital Nizwa, we continued our trip to the current capital, Muscat. In proportion with the total population of Oman (almost 4 million), Muscat isn’t a real metropole, but nevertheless a very nice city!

There are many things to visit: mosques, forts, museums, markets, beaches, resorts, etc. The city holds some authentic and old venues as well as more modern places. Overall the city’s architecture is not my kind of thing, but if you know the sweet spots you start appreciating it.

While being a capital it still isn’t very expensive and traffic is not too bad. We went to everything by car and that was pretty convenient to do so.

This is a panoramic picture with the palace of the Sultan (Oman is a Sultanate) at the right.

2013-06-24 16.59.01

The city is completely surrounded by mountains which gives it a very pitoresque feeling.

Whenever in Dubai and having some time left, consider visiting this city!

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