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First Teppanyaki!

I did pretty well in doing ‘local stuff’ in the first couple of days while I’m Shanghai :). This blog will be about my first ‘Teppanyaki’ experience.

It is a Japanese way of cooking/eating where the cook is installed at the middle of the table with a big cooking plate and all the guests sit around it. Just have a look at this picture and you’ll quickly know what I mean.

2013-06-28 21.05.25

You order all kinds of food from the menu (mainly by pointing at pictures since the Chinese people here don’t understand English ;)) and then they bring the ingredients to the cook who prepares in front of you.

It’s not only nice to see, it also tasted very well. Ate many different things from prawns, mussels and snails to lamb chops, steak (ow yes, my ‘being-a-vegetarian’ experiment is over after almost 2 months ;)), all prepared in a tasty Japanese way!

The formula is typically a fixed price for ‘all you can eat and dink’. In this it was 238 RMB. If in China or Japan, definitely check this out. But put some time in finding a good one. I’ve heard cheap, low-quality Teppanyaki’s as well.

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