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First consulting project!

For my last module at Hult, I don’t have any classes anymore but an ‘Action Project’ as they call it. It’s basically a real consulting project for a real firm where you are supposed to apply everything you’ve learned so far during your masters.

As you probably already figured out, the company I’ve been assigned is Weight Watchers. We’re doing a more marketing focused project and have 6 weeks time with our team of 5 member to come up with proper recommendations.

It looks challenging because we don’t have a Chinese in our team to translate or explain the local market trends but I’m sure we’ll get there!

And yes, I’m going to attend some of the Weight Watchers meetings an will probably be an expert about there system :). Not really my industry but certainly an educational and interesting experience!

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First Change Management Course!


I had heard of ‘Change Management’ before but didn’t really have a clue how they would make a course out of it. That’s why I choose this course as an elective in Dubai.

We started today yesterday on Thursday. This is another ‘block’ of lectures. We have lessons in the morning and the afternoon for four days long. That’s because both the professor and the majority of the students (Executive MBA’s) are working full time. So they jam it in 4 days. Which I personally don’t mind. Leaves me more time to do other stuff.

The professor was by coincidence a Flemish guy who normally works at Price Waterhouse Coopers in Belgium. He has been teaching at Hult for a couple of years and travels around the campuses to teach a couple of courses.

Within ‘Change Management’ as a discipline there is 1 guru who made the generally accepted framework for this type of management. His name is Kotter (not to be confused with marketing-guru Kotler) and has put down in words what change management is about.

Basically he has a set of 8 steps that allow you to manage change in a good way.

  1. Create a sense of urgency
  2. Form a guiding coalition
  3. Create a vision for the change
  4. Communicate the vision
  5. Remove obstacles and empower others
  6. Plan and create short term wins
  7. Build on change
  8. Institutionalize and anchor the change

We spent 4 full days on going in depth on this and I must say, once you start to ‘control’ the framework and the underlying steps, a lot makes sense and gives you the possibility to break down a ‘change management problem’ into different steps.

Of course changing an organization is about people and there no single theory that works for all, but when you know how and to what extent to apply these 8 steps, it will certainly help you to make the change happen better and more profound!

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First Time in the Middle East!


The Master’s degree I’m doing now allows rotation to other campuses of the school. One of those campuses is Dubai. So here I am for the second to last module of my program. And by going to this metropolitan, I end up in the Middle East for the first time!

One of my friends who also rotated to Dubai was already here for a couple of days. He showed me around during the day and I must say, I’ve seen some impressive things in the US, but this is different. It’s not that big is always better, but what they are building and doing here, and at what pace, is just incredible. The place is already full of skyscrapers, but they keep on building like there is no tomorrow. If it depends on the Dubai-people, this story is not over yet, it’s just getting started.

Dubai is maybe not the best place in the the Middle East to get a sense of the Middle Eastern culture but I’ll try to travel around a bit to get a sense of that!

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