First time eating Stomach!

Yes, it didn’t take so long before eating the weird Chinese stuff. I met a local Chinese guy through a network I recently joined, and he invited me for a dinner at his university. One of his professors also joined us for dinner and insisted to have a proper traditional dinner. What else could I say but, “Ow yes that would be lovely!” 😉
I would do anything to make this blog more interesting 😉

Besides parts of frogs, where you still had to peal of the skin, and rotten parts of certain trees (also a delicatessen apparently), there was the favorite  food of local students, the outside of a cow’s stomach. On the picture it are the white sliced pieces of meat mixed with salad on the plate on the left.

2013-07-02 19.37.55


The brown things the lady is holding are the ‘rotten tree parts’ and the dish on the right are pieces of pork (including skin, fat, and some other layers I don’t know). The latter is apparently the favorite dish of Mao. Always good to know.

The stomach, as well as the other dishes, didn’t taste that bad. It’s more the texture of the meat and the way it feels in your mouth that you wouldn’t like, rather than the taste itself. And of course this was a nice experience!

Again, getting in touch with locals is by far the best way of doing real cultural things!

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