First Time at Nizwa!

nizwa fortm

During the road trip to Oman that me and my roommate did, we spent 2 night at the former capital of Oman, Nizwa. It hasn’t been the capital for a while now, but still you can see a lot of remains of why and how it once was the capital. It has a beautiful Mosque and an even more impressive fort at the city center.

We paid a visit to the fort. Apparently the first parts of it go back to around 500 A.C., after that it has been made bigger, stronger and larger until the 1500’s. In the 18th century they renovated and reinforced it and since it hasn’t really changed much. Inside there were many chambers for different purposes. Really interesting to see the ingenious way of building the fort to protect it both from enemies and the heat.

This is the view from the top of the main tower (which had many booby-traps to go up there for protection):

2013-06-23 15.18.28

Furthermore we had a drive through the minuscule streets that surrounded the fort. Some were not much wider than 3 m. We got stuck couple of times and of one way directions they had apparently never heard :).

nizwa fort

So, whenever you’re planning to go Oman, put this city on your list and take some time to discover some of its history and hospitality!

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