First Time visiting a Muslim family!

Yesterday, while we went to a local Arabic restaurant (read the blog about it here) in Bahla, Oman, we met a local guy named Yahya. He was wondering where we came from and where we were heading to. He was really excited to meet some foreigners and gave his phone number in case we needed anything.

Today, we didn’t really have plans for the evening, so we figured, we might just give him a call and see what he is up to. After a long explanation on the phone (his English wasn’t perfect ;)) he invited us over to his home to have some drinks and have a chat.

We were a bit suspicious about the whole thing since we just met him for 10 minutes, but we decided to give it a go and see where it would take us.

Once arriving at his place we met his family (except for his wife, guess it is a Muslim thing) and talked about a lot of things. He was very friendly and very open to what we had to tell and where we came from. We talked about Oman and its history, about his parents, his family, how we learned English, Egypt, the Arabic Spring, Mecca, Islam, Allah, God, the Ramadan, having multiple wives, and so on. Normally I’m a bit skeptical about some of those things but the way we talked about it and the openness of the conversation made it really interesting and compelling.

2013-06-23 21.14.35

Since we were at his farm he gave us some of the ‘dates’ that he picked from his own trees that day. We also drank some water, that he pumped from his well, as well as some typical Omani/Arabic coffee.

Before we left we had a look at his farm, the plantation as well as the animals (chickens and goats) he had there.

This is the picture we took before leaving:

2013-06-23 22.24.58

I must say, this is one of the best moments of my trip to Oman. Never have I been able to meet an Islamic family in such close way. The hospitality was great and we exchanged contact details for whenever we would meet again!

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