First Time wearing a Kandura!

One of the most iconic things about local Emirati (and other inhabitants of the Middle East) is their way of dressing. The women wear a hijab, niqab or burka, the men wear a thob or a Kandura as they call it in the UAE. In Oman they call it ‘Dishdasha’.

When a local Emirati was sitting I’m my class I asked him about his outfit and he explained to me some of the purposes and that it is more of ‘local’ thing than a religious thing. He also explained to me that a westerner can buy and wear it without any problem. That’s when I really considered buying one 🙂

Not much later I found a shop specialized in making these. Together with my roommate we went there and bought the whole outfit. It consists of the Kandura itself, a white t-shirt to wear underneath it, white thin pants, the head-wear (consisting of the ring and the cloth) and a pair of sandals. We had the Kandura itself tailor made so we had to wait 4 days to pick it up. Total price: 400 AED or about €80. Not too bad and the best souvenir you can get!

Here’s a picture of me and my roommate at the fort in Bahla (Oman) while wearing our Kandura.


We wore them for 3 whole days. They are really comfortable, a bit too hot for me because of the multiple layers, and not very good to get a suntan because it covers pretty much everything 😉

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One thought on “First Time wearing a Kandura!

  1. Ibrahim Al Musa says:

    I’m impressed. It usually takes people a long time to get adjusted to wearing it properly and you can tell from a distance that they’re not accustomed to it. Especially the gutrah and igal. You wear it with style like somebody that’s been wearing an igal his whole life. You should visit the bedouins in Jordan and wear that. You will have a great time if you know where to go.

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