First Skype Number

I was receiving some international calls lately and they were draining my prepaid credit on my phone. Despite the fact that I urge people to call me on Skype or on Google Hangout, most of them seem to go for the traditional way. Because some of the phone calls were concerning overseas jobs I decided to search for a solution to A. Save money, B. Don’t risk losing connection in the middle of an important phone call because I ran out of credit.

That’s why I decided to take a number on Skype. Basically means that if somebody calls that certain number, your Skype on your computer/tablet/phone starts ringing. Simple as that. You choose the country and the region of the number and pay (close to) nothing to receive international calls. People also don’t have to add you on Skype or see all your profile details. Which sometimes can be an advantage.

Have used this couple of times now. Has been working great so far. An extra advantage you have is that you you have your hands free so you can write/type or research while having the phone call. For those who’re travelling a lot and have to change numbers and charge credit a lot, have a look at this!

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