First Time drinking Camel Milk!


Not as spectacular as a rollercoaster or rotating restaurant but rare enough for me to write a blog about it 🙂

During the breakfast in the Jumeirah Hotel in Abu Dhabi (very nice hotel by the way) there were several options to drink milk during breakfast. You had some different cow milks and certain degrees of skimming. And then you also had Camel Milk.

Obvious choice since I never drank it 🙂 In terms of taste I would say it was a little weird, a little more salty I think. But I guess that’s because I never drank it before. On the other hand it didn’t taste that much different from normal milk. In general I would say, I’d probably like it as much as normal milk if I would drink some more.

To finalize, some interesting facts about Camel Milk:

  • The milk has three times the amount of vitamin C than cow’s milk. And ten times more iron!
  • It has less lactose and cholesterol than cow’s milk.
  • It has more fat and proteins than cow’s milk.
  • Camel milk has been used for centuries to treat liver disease, and studies have been performed for hepatitis and liver cancer with promising results.
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2 thoughts on “First Time drinking Camel Milk!

  1. Frauke Elsen says:

    hey Roeland!!
    ik ontdek nu pas je blog maar ie is echt geeeniaal! supersjiek.
    en broer vertelde da je in Dubai zat en kdacht da je em ne keer goe liggen gehad had 😮 kgeloofde em heel ni :p
    dikke kus!

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