First Rotating Restaurant!

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Fridays in the UAE are known for prayer but also for its brunches. It is the day that people take a late big breakfast and get a brunch instead of lunch. I hadn’t done one so far, and because my good Belgian friend Olivier came over for a visit, I decided to find one during our stay in Abu Dhabi. While going trough a list of ‘best brunches in Abu Dhabi’ I found one at the rotating ‘Al Fanar’ restaurant at the top of ‘le Royal Meridien’ (see picture). Even the price was fair compared to other restaurants so our choice was quickly made 🙂

2013-06-07 13.51.21

It took the restaurant about 1 hour to make a complete 360° tour. The view was great (saw some nicer things than the picture above but forgot to take more picture 🙂 ) and the food itself was magnificent. It ranged from fine seafood to delicious desserts. We took our time to try it all 😉 There was also sparkling, white and red wine included in the price.

So if you’re going to Abu Dhabi on a Friday soon, check this place out! If not, I bet you can find great brunches in Dubai as well!

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