First Jobhunt!


Yes, the time has come for my first job hunt! I was able to postpone it for another year by doing an extra master 😉 But now it is really the case. Of course I started to think about a job earlier than now in June but since the tech/internet industry has such short recruitment cycles I couldn’t really start all the processes earlier.

I figured out that I want to work in tech or internet couple of months ago and while informing myself about the industry it became clear that I had to have a little bit more patience in terms of applying. In the meanwhile I started networking and listing companies I’d like to work. But it is now that the real job hunt starts!

My initial focus now is Dublin, since working in the US is really difficult because of VISA-reasons. Especially for business educated people like me that have no real ‘hard expertise’ as engineers or scientists do. That is why I started looking at Dublin, Ireland, because there all the big players have their EU headquarters. Some offices go up to a couple of thousand people, so there’s really going something on there.

While applying here and there, these are the things I noticed:

  • Nobody knows what a ‘Business Engineer’ is and what to make of it. 
  • Nobody knows ‘Ghent University’ and if it is a good university or not. Some recruiters just simply put you on the ‘no’ pile of resume’s because the university nor the education is known to them. Especially when they have some Oxford and Cambridge applicants in the stack you might have to find another way.
  • Tech/Internet doesn’t have that many graduate positions for non-technical people. Almost all of the positions I’m looking at require or prefer at least 2 years of work experience.

Practically this means you have to find other ways in. Have a friend who works at the company or try to get in touch with somebody who is employed there. Have an outstanding CV and compelling cover to really persuade the recruiter also helps. Or maybe go for a long-term internship to get that required work experience where everybody is looking for.

So that’s basically what I’m doing now.

To finalize this post I’ll give you an example of how short recruitment-cycles are in internet:
2 weeks ago I submitted an application for Yahoo. 1 week later they got in touch with me and set up a phone call. It soon became clear they wanted fill the position ‘next Monday’. They told me I was way too early and have to call back 2 weeks before I graduate…

So, if for any reason you’re also applying or planning to apply for tech/internet, get used to have no certainty of where and when you’ll be working until a week before 😉

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