First Time watching a 50’s Movie!


When I want to discover some good movies I tend to visit and have a look at their recommended movies. Some time ago I stumbled upon this French movie “Les Quatre Cents Coups” or translated as “The 400 Blows”. With a score of 8.1 I thought to give it a go.

I downloaded the movie but never really got to watch; mainly because I thought it would be boring and slow-paced. But now that I have a bad internet connection and no other movies were left on my PC, I thought it was about time to watch it.

The movie is filmed in Paris and tells the story of a young boy having troubles at school and home.

Things I really liked about the movie are:

  • Black and white: really adds to the character of a 50’s movie
  • Old Paris: If you’ve been, lived or worked in Paris I think you’re going to love the scenery. You can see the city in all it’s 50’s glory. I really enjoyed watching the vibe and architecture of the city 60 years ago.
  • French: My French is not good enough to understand a whole movie without subtitles, but watching it with English subtitles really helped me dust off my French. I tried not to read the subtitles unless I didn’t understand it.
  • 50’s: It really gave me a good view of how life was more or less in the 50’s and I liked that it gave a view of how my grandparents probably grew up. I thought that was interesting since I could relate it to my direct family.
  • The music: I didn’t expect that much initially of the music but I ended up really enjoying it. Of course it wasn’t very ‘Hollywood-style’ or ‘climax-building’, but it really fit the picture.

What I didn’t like:

  • It’s really slow: I guess, in 2013, we’re so used to ‘fast’ movies that this one really gave a slow impression. The story progressed really slow and the plot was not really mind-blowing.
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