First Time learning about Shackleton!



Ever heard of Sir Shackleton? I honestly did not until today in my class of ‘Authentic Leadership’. Found his life story and accomplishments so interesting that I thought it was worth writing a blog about.

In short, he was a UK south polar explorer in the beginning of the 1900’s. He is considered one of the best known examples of perseverance and authentic leadership. He did 3 missions to the south pole and broke several records by doing so. The first mission was set up to get as close as possible  to the precise south pole. The second was to sail across the pole and third never really happened since he died of a hart attack before they reached the pole.

It’s his second mission that made him the most famous. This is the one where his both got stuck in the ice and here they spend a winter on Antarctica. They managed to get back alive with some tiny rescue boats and it was Shackleton’s leadership that made this impossible mission possible.

Unfortunately I can’t share the case we got with you, but I can really recommend doing some research on him. Also the movie made about his second mission is really worth watching as well as some documentaries about his adventures.

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