First Time Yoga!


Yoga is one of those things that some of my friends do but I not really cared about myself. So instead of just keeping my prejudices I figured it was about time to check it out myself.

So I basically googled ‘Yoga Dubai’ and found this ‘Club Stretch’. Didn’t need to sign up for any thing. Just had to pop in one of the sessions and join the group.

So together with a friend I went to the session in the Marina district and I’ll summarize the experience by saying that I felt a lot of things that I didn’t feel in a long time. The session was 90 minutes, the room temperature 40°C and about 20 people in the room. We did some nice warm-up exercises and then went on the the main exercises. Although you might expect that ‘stretching’ and ‘holding’ some body positions can’t be that though, I can honestly say it’s quite the opposite. I haven’t sweat that much in years (okay it was also 40 degrees inside, but still). When we were allowed to lay on the ground towards the end of the session, I could feel my heart pounding so hard that I almost couldn’t believe that this was much more intense than my workout in the gym of the day before.

My friend who joined me, who does Yoga now and then, said this was not really a beginners session and she herself hadn’t experienced such an intense session in a long while. So I guess that maybe also explains why I found it that hard. Maybe I should have brought some water as well :p Was the only one who was apparently stupid enough not to bring any…


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