First Time in Oman!

2013-05-29 20.43.06

Because I was in Oman only for Visa-issues it is maybe a little less exciting than you would expect but it was still an interesting experience. Because my Visa for the UAE is only valid for 30 days, I had to do a ‘Visa-Run’ to prolong it. Practically this means, take your car, drive to Oman, get an exit stamp from the UAE, get an entry stamp from Oman, get an exit stamp of Oman and get a new entry stamp from UAE.

This 5-hour experience mainly exists of driving but it was a nice way to have a view from the Dubai suburbs, the dessert and the Oman ‘mountains’. When arriving at the border you do all the stamping things, which takes you about an hour, mainly because of the waiting. And you’re ready to get back.

It was a pitty that I couldn’t combine this with a trip to Oman itself because I heard a lot of nice things about it, but I might get there again soon!

Ow yes, also rich Dubai people sometimes have to do it 🙂


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