First time clubbing without a sip of alcohol


Maybe this isn’t a one to be proud of 🙂 but when you think of it there is a good chance you haven’t gone clubbing without drinking any alcoholic drink. Even sometimes when I’m driving in Belgium, I might drink one or two, depending how long we’re staying, because they’ll be out of my body by the time I’m in my car. And because I started to like to “stop doing things for the first time” like stopping to eat meat (being a vegetarian for a while) I wanted to try ‘not drink’ while clubbing.

Of course this wasn’t something super difficult, but I must admit that I could have drunk a beer myself as well. Either way, interesting to stay completely sober because you can see the crowd evolve from normal to tipsy to somewhat drunk and see of course some people who get completely hammered. Another thing I noticed is that drinking non-alcoholic beverages is somewhat boring after a while. This might sound strange but when you start drinking your 8th water you kind of get bored of it.

Another advantage was that I was able to drive my friends home. And maybe even better is that you “don’t lose a day” when you wake up the day after. I had a normal productive day and I must admit that it feels more satisfying when you look back at it!

PS: the club we went to was the “Cavalli Club” in Dubai. Really posh but nice club. Don’t know if it’s always like this but the DJ was supreme! Maybe I had better written this blog when going to a different club 😉

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