First Time with Necomimi Ears in Dubai


This might not sound as the most original or exciting ‘first timer’ but after having the experience I thought it was worth writing a short blog about it.

If you don’t know what Necomimi Ears are, read my previous blog or have a look at their website. But in short, they are brainwave ears that wiggle based on your brainactivity.

So this is the second time I wear them in public. First time was in SF among some Hult people in a bar, they and other people all liked it and wanted to try it out.  That’s why I decided to take them out to a random party in Dubai and see what people would say.

I must say, this was a really interesting ‘social experiment’. First of all, the UAE is more of ‘masculine’ country so a guy walking around with some funny ears on his head is not really perceived as very ‘manly’. Second, people are not as ‘tech-minded’ here as in they are in the US and Europe. Not that they are lacking behind but in general they care less about the newest gadgets and latest technologies. People were giving me a weird look instead of wondering what it is and how it works. And the people that did come up to me and asked what it was, were like ‘what do you need that for’ instead of ‘wow, that’s so cool’.

So interesting: yes, experimental: yes, recommended: no 😉

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