First Outdoor Karting!

Dubai-20130521-00483Belgium is not really the place where you would risk building an outdoor karting. Simply too much rain. That’s the main reason why I never went karting outside before I guess.

We were actually on our way to an outdoor shooting range (would also have been a first time) but apparently, on Tuesdays it’s closed. That’s where the help of Google, foursquare and other apps come in. And that’s how we ended up at the karting track not too far away. It looked closed at first, but at a closer look we saw that we were just the only ones there. Meaning that we would have the track all for ourselves.

What I enjoyed about karting outdoor is that the air is fresher. Indoor, after some time, the air consists more of gas emissions than anything else. Karting outside also gives more of a ‘racing’ feeling to me personally.

What was nice as well was that there were not as many rules as in Europe, so overtake whenever you feel like; Nobody waving flags if you go too fast or too slow. Also these karts were double engined as you can see on the picture. 11.5 horsepower in total; resulting in a maximum speed of 70 km/h. So just go ‘fast & furious’!





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