First Mc Chouffe!


I’ve drank “La Chouffe” already many times. I’ve even visited the Belgian village “Chouffe” already. But I had never heard of “Mc Chouffe”. Seems like it’s the Scottish twin of the “La Chouffe”. Notice the Scottish pants the dwarf wears in the picture on the “Mc Chouffe” bottle (you can compare it with the normal logo on the glass).

So good enough reason to try it out. It’s a dark beer with a fruity flavor but with a bitter (and a bit sour) aftertaste. I personally really liked it!

If you were wondering where I got this in Dubai. There are a couple of Belgian bars here in the city where you can eat and drink Belgian. I went to the ‘Belgian Beer Café’ in the ‘Millennium Hotel’.
But be aware of the prices though. That’s the only thing which is not Belgian 😉 (Paid AED 58 for my Chouffe, which is like €11)



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