First Time eating Korean!


We were actually planning to go and eat Japanese in the ‘Asiana Hotel’, but on our arrival (at 6 pm) we saw that the restaurant only opened at 7 pm. Luckily, in the same hotel, they also housed a Korean restaurant. And since I hadn’t done something for the first time that day, it was an obvious choice to check the place out.

The restaurant was called ‘Sonamu’ and had a very enjoyable interior as you can see in the picture. Especially the tables and the chairs were very interesting. As you can see the tables were placed in some kind of hole in the floor, and the chairs didn’t have any legs.


I’m the kind of person that eats almost anything but yesterday that characteristic was put to the test. There was a lot of raw fish, sea plants, things I still don’t know what they are, and tiny roasted fish that you had to eat in one peace (with eyes and everything).


To summarize, I don’t think it’ll ever become my favorite kitchen in the world, but a discovery is the least you can call it.

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