First Time at Burj Khalifa!


It was not the main reason I chose to study in Dubai for a while, but visiting the Burj Khalifa is something I wanted to do for a long time. I saw it already a couple of times since my arrival (how can you not see it!) but Monday I got to see it from close by and from the inside.

Some facts:

  • Height: 829.8 m
  • Construction started in 2004 and was finished in 2010
  • Floors: 163
  • Cost: $1.5 billion (thought it would have been more actually)
  • The shape is inspired by the Hymenocallis flower

Wouldn’t surprise you if I would say it’s very impressive to see 🙂

You can get in and buy a ticket for ‘At the top’. It takes you to the 124th floor which is at a height of 452 m. There you have a great view of Dubai and its skyline. There you also get to see that the city is really lying in the middle of the dessert (reminded me of Vegas).


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