First Time in the Middle East!


The Master’s degree I’m doing now allows rotation to other campuses of the school. One of those campuses is Dubai. So here I am for the second to last module of my program. And by going to this metropolitan, I end up in the Middle East for the first time!

One of my friends who also rotated to Dubai was already here for a couple of days. He showed me around during the day and I must say, I’ve seen some impressive things in the US, but this is different. It’s not that big is always better, but what they are building and doing here, and at what pace, is just incredible. The place is already full of skyscrapers, but they keep on building like there is no tomorrow. If it depends on the Dubai-people, this story is not over yet, it’s just getting started.

Dubai is maybe not the best place in the the Middle East to get a sense of the Middle Eastern culture but I’ll try to travel around a bit to get a sense of that!

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