First Emergency Landing


I try to “do things for the first time” more than just “experiencing” something for the first time by coincidence. But I thought this one was worth mentioning.

Friday, on my flight from London to Dubai, after flying approximately 4 hours, the captain interrupted with the question if there was a doctor on the plane and if (s)he could identify himself/herself urgently. I thought this would be nothing special, but not long after, the captain announced we would make an emergency landing at the nearest airport since the person was apparently in life danger.

As you can see in the picture above we landed in Ankara, Turkey (First time at Turkey and First time at Ankara by the way).

By the time we landed and stopped the plane, there was already an ambulance waiting to pick up the person.
Up until today, I never got to know what was wrong with the person and if he/she made it eventually.

There are more pleasant ‘first timers’ but I hope they would do the same for me if necessary.

PS: The picture of my route is an output from Google Latitude. If you want to know more about how keeping data about yourself, read one of my previous blogs.


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