First Time at Cass Business School and University College London

Thursday was a day of visiting some friends at London universities.


First, my friend Matthias by whom I was staying, took me to his school, Cass Business School, where he is doing a master’s in Finance. The campus is located between Old Street and Moortgate and is housed a nice modern building. Got a little tour, and as a business school student myself, I always like to see how other schools are designed. Like the Hult schools, Cass uses a lot of glass to create an atmosphere of transparency  The levels have an ‘open’ design and it feel like a place where you can easily spend many hours of working and studying. Nice school and nice visit!


Afterwards I met with Evelina, friend from Lithuania whom I got to know at the Peak Time Challenge in Riga last year. Since she is studying in London, I thought it was worth paying her a visit! She studies at the University College of London. An ‘old’ but beautiful university in the center of London. It’s located near Euston square and has a marvelous hall. Looks more like a parliament or a city hall, but wouldn’t mind if it was part of my university as well 😉 Was great catching up with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while and definitely nice to visit the university as well!

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