First Time using ‘Clear’


Like many other people I’m a person who keeps ‘to-do lists’. So far I mostly kept this in tasks or notes. But I never really found a good way to prioritize and manage them. Think I found a way now: It’s an app called ‘Clear’ that is designed to manage all your to-do lists.

Let’s see if I’ll make a complete switch from Evernote to Clear for my lists.

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2 thoughts on “First Time using ‘Clear’

  1. Let me know how it works out, I have been trying a lot of this kind of apps lately but all seem to have some type of drawback.

    Wunderlist is nice and simple, but is so very limited in its options – even sorting tasks on due dats is impossble. Google tasks has some nice apps on android, but is hellish to work with on a desktop (the canvas option does bring some improvement but it is still far from optimal). Evernote can do everything but is just not built to be a good to-do list – I find my tasks just keep getting lost there…

    For now my alternative is a text document I keep on evernote with all my plans and deadlines – which seems to work for now. (I tried to rethink my planning recently:

  2. Will do.
    So far I think it also has similar drawbacks as Wunderlist by being a little too simple.
    True, I’m also still keeping them in Evernote but indeed, it’s not the best ‘to-do list’ solution.
    Furthermore, good luck with your research!

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