First Long Travel completely without car!

For the first time, I traveled a very long distance without any use of cars at all. Got from my studio in San Francisco, all the way to my house in Anzegem (Belgium) by the use of planes, trains, trams, metros and off course, my feet.

Was doing this more or less as an experiment, to look if it would be possible or not. This is how it went:

  • Walked from my studio in SF to the BART station on Market St and Montgomery (BART is kind of metro/subway)
  • Took the BART from SF downtown to SFO, the SF International Airport
  • Took the plane from SF to LA. Then took the plane from LA to London
  • Took the ‘Heathrow Express Train’ from the London Heathrow Airport to ‘Paddington Station’


  • Switched to the ‘tube’ in Paddington and took it to ‘Old Street’ where I was staying at a friends place (thanks again for that by the way)
  • Day after, took the ‘tube’ to St. Pancras Station


  • Got on the Eurostar (train that goes under the North Sea  to Paris or Brussels). Got off at Lille Europe (France)
  • Changed stations in Lille from the ‘Europe’ station to the ‘Flandres’ station


  • Took the train from ‘Lille Flandres’ to Kortrijk
  • Switched trains in Kortrijk and got on the one to Anzegem (hometown in Belgium)
  • Walked home from the Station in Anzegem to my house (like 1.5 km or something)

So you see, it’s certainly possible! You’d better not be in a rush though. Have a lot of reading and movie material and you should be fine.

PS: Have to admit that in Anzegem, I ran into an old friend halfway. He gave me a lift for the last km 😉

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