First Time flying with Virgin!


Because they’re not really active in Europe, except for certain transatlantic flights, I took the advantage of trying out Virgin for the first time while I’m still in the US

The flight I took (from SF to LA) was not particularly a long flight, but long enough to get a feel of what Virgin has to offer as an airline. I started noticing the ‘differences’ with regular airline companies at the check-in. There was some kind of nicer atmosphere. They turned the environment into something more enjoyable through the use of up-lighters, vibrant colors, funky music, flowers on the table, stylish outfits, etc.

South San Francisco-20130504-00375

Also the tickets are designed to differentiate. Not that they are that special, but you know, it’s always nicer to have something which looks a bit better. Also the stamping/marking of the tickets is done differently. This happens by punching a hart-shaped hole in your ticket instead of tearing a part of it.

South San Francisco-20130504-00379

Moving on to the terminal. I don’t know if this is because of Virgin or if it’s the standard at SFO terminals but there were many nice chairs, benches, workplaces as well as a lot of plugs everywhere.

Also inside the plain my experience was very good. They have nice up-lighters to create a purple environment and have screens for every seat. I also wrote this post very comfortably during the flight. Had a lot of space for my legs and the seats were great.

So was there really nothing bad at all? Well, the flight had a 1 hour delay (don’t know if Virgin’s to blame though).  And I must be honest, despite the fact that my experience was great, I don’t know if it’s worth the price. Yes you get a value for you money, but actually (as a student on a budget) I don’t care enough to pay the extra. Maybe in 5 years, when I have more money to spend and appreciate comfort more, I might be able to become a regular customer!


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