First Time using BlackBerry Z10!


Everybody knows that BB hasn’t been that much of a ‘ high-flyer’ the last couple of years. It looked more like they froze time while the rest of the world was moving actually. But now the holy savior has arrived!

I was personally looking to get an Android-phone soon but now that the Z10 is available, I’m at least going to have a look at it. So Thursday I went to the store to check what all the buzz was about. I tried it for a couple of minutes and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It looks good, feels good, reacts good, takes good pictures, etc. So on first sight everything is ok. If it comes to the operating software (BB OS 10) it’s a bit confusing in the beginning. But the more you learn how to work with it, the more you start appreciating it. And after a while, you start noticing its actually built pretty intuitive. Even more than an Android-phone I would say.

But why didn’t I buy it then? First of all, I don’t have the money right now 🙂 Second, it actually cannot do more (or even less if you take the small offer of apps into account) than any other smartphone. Yes it works great and nice, but so does any other decent smartphone at the moment. The difference is, these competitors cost half or even less of what this BB device costs. And that bring me to the third point, its price. Prices differ between providers and countries, but just to give you a clue, it’s priced as expensive as the iPhones  are (meaning it costs €649 in Belgium for example).

So conclusion: Nice yes, cool yes, stylish yes. Worth it? Maybe, I don’t know. If you can buy a Google Nexus for $300 it sure doesn’t look very tempting. But either way, go and check it out yourself, watch some reviews on YouTube and make your own judgement!

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