First Time at Scientology Church

San Francisco-20130501-00359

I pass by this ‘church’ almost every day and for a long time I was wondering what they would tell me if I go inside. Especially given the fact that this religion is banned in Belgium. Well, this week I went in to have a look. I did know something about it from some research I did. Also South Park once made an episode about it. The creepy/funny thing is that the South Park episode is not that different from what Scientology claims in reality.

I must say my visit was more convenient than I pictured. It’s very open for visitors to come and have a look. They have benches with TV screens where you can watch videos on various topics. So I learned that Scientologists believe in the following things
– A Human exists of a body, a mind and a thetan. The latter is some kind of soul that represents the real you.
– The whole environment exists of 8 ‘dynamics’: 1. Self, 2. Sex and Family, 3. Group Survival, 4. Mankind, 5. Life Forms, 6. Physical Universe, 7. Spiritual and 8. Infinity: The supreme being.
– Your thetan/soul is millions of years old.
– There’s such a thing as an ‘e-meter’ measuring flows of your state of mind. It can detect hidden feelings of frustration or happiness.

After watching some videos I talked with one of the representatives, who was, against my expectations, not so good in answering questions about her religion. She didn’t know what the Scientology view is on the universe(s), the creation story, death and the ‘e-meter’. She was also way less persuasive than I expected such a representative to be. Maybe I had to much of a ‘Mormon’ cliché in my mind about Scientology. She did know that sessions cost at least a couple of hundreds of dollars and that it is best to do them as often as possible 😉

If you also wanted to check it out some time, it is not as bad as you think to go and have a look. Just don’t take it too serious 🙂


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