First Time discovering ‘Arvo Pärt’!


Sometimes I open up my Spotify, open the ‘Classify’ app and start discovering new composers and pieces. Mostly I just start listening to composers I know, and then try to discover some of their pieces I don’t know yet. Or I just start discovering a composer I  heard of, but never really listened to like ‘Elgar’, ‘Smetana’ or ‘Satie’. This time I went for a composer I never heard of whatsoever. Almost randomly went for “Arvo Pärt”.

Pärt is an Estonian classical composer of mostly sacred or religious music. He likes to compose in a minimalist style with some self-invented composing techniques called “Tintinnabuli“. That basically means his music has a meditative to slow pace that sounds pretty sacred. I think it has some special twists that I sometimes like but sometimes don’t. Maybe I’ll have to get used a bit more.  Would only recommend it if you’re really into classical music. Otherwise you probably will think this is very bad classical music 🙂

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4 thoughts on “First Time discovering ‘Arvo Pärt’!

  1. Arvo Part is one of my very favourite composers I had one of those BANG – you are kidnapped moments, the first time I heard him. He is a dangerous drug.I rather envy you your ‘just heard Part for the first time’ moment

    • What’s your favorite piece?

      • I can’t narrow it down – a lot of them are very long, and MIGHT be a bit daunting unless you welcome that sort of minimalism, but 2 short, accessible pieces are Fur Alina and Spiegel im Spiegel (both available on the album Alina, where each piece is played several times – different instruments – which adds to the meditative quality – deceptively simple pieces.

        However, I suppose the piece that really hooked me, and I’m not sure if there is an mp3 is Cantus in memoriam, Benjamin Britten (I have it on an album called Sanctuary)

        For full immersion into his sacred choral Miserere is amazing – again though, the album I have I can’t find on mp3. Its incredibly intense.

      • Okay. Interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Will look into the ‘Fur Alina’ and the ‘Spiegel’!

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