First American Steakhouse!

San Francisco-20130427-00346

This is probably another good example of something that goes under the category of “I’ll be living there a long time, some day I’ll do that, no rush” and before you know it, you have only one week left to do all those things. Going to a Steakhouse in the US is one of those things. Something you don’t rush, but before you know it, you’ve never done it.

A friend of mine was staying at my place the last couple of weeks and therefore he wanted to buy me and my roommate dinner. Perfect opportunity to do something you never went. The choice was therefore obvious 🙂 We went to 5A5 close to the financial district. And since this blog obliges me try new things 🙂 I decided not to go for a regular steak, but to try the ‘dry aged bone-in NY‘. This is a 22 oz (or 623 gram) steak which is cut from the short loin and apparently is it is cut from a muscle that is not used very much, which makes it more tender. And believe me, it did taste very tender!

Very nice restaurant, very nice food and many opportunities to try something for the first time!

PS: Had my first Japanese Whiskey there as well: Yamazaki

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One thought on “First American Steakhouse!

  1. […] of weeks ago I was still enjoying my 22 oz steak in an American Steakhouse (see blog), but today I decided to try to be a vegetarian for while. I guess I haven’t eaten meat for a […]

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