First Visit to a “Baker’s shop”

Maybe doesn’t sound as a very special thing to do for the first time, but have never visited a large-scale bakery before where I was able to get a tour and follow the process of making bread. With its 130 employees, the bakery is also the biggest one I’ve ever seen.

They are located in Alameda on the East bay. About a 30-minute drive from SF downtown.


The trip was organized by my school (Hult) which arranged a 2 hour tour at the bakery for us. We were able to follow the complete process of how they make a 100,000 breads a week. Going from mixing the basic ingredients to getting them out of the oven. To get a feel of what we saw and how it looks you can have a look at their company video, which they like very much themselves by the way:)

The company is family run and are a good example of what I would call integrated CSR. They respect and try to satisfy all their stakeholders as good as possible. They treat their employees very well, try to keep waste as small as possible, support local communities by giving away bread to schools and homeless. It was the CEO (who likes to be referred as the ‘Chief Boot Licker’) himself who gave us a tour by the way.

Eager to have a look yourself? Gather a decent group of interested people and they’d be happy to show you around I think!


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