First Baseball Game!


Monday was the first time I attended a baseball game and actually the first time I attended a sports game in the US. So still have to go to a football and basketball game once as well.

The San Francisco Giants were playing against the Arizona Diamondbacks in AT&T Park.

First impression of the stadium is pretty impressive. It seats 41000 people and is quite new (built in 2003). It’s also nicely decorated with flags, brands, screens and by the architecture in general. Also the food and beverages stands were all very nicely designed.

The baseball itself was not as excited as I expected it to be. But that’s probably because I don’t fully get the game I guess.

So in conclusion, if you ever have the chance to go and see a game, definitely take that opportunity!

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One thought on “First Baseball Game!

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    One of the best ballparks in baseball!

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