First Norwegian Movie


Today I watched my first Norwegian movie. It’s named “Kon-Tiki” and is based on a true story.

It tells the story about the adventure of Thor Heyerdal in 1947. He is probably Norway’s most famous explorer. Despite what all his colleagues believed back then, he claimed that South American people had settled in Polynesia in pre-Columbian times by the simple use of a raft. And to prove his point he undertook the same action. Built a raft, assembled a team and took off towards Polynesia.

The movie shows all the difficulties they had to overcome and how they eventually got there.

My personal opinion: If you have seen ‘The Life of Pi’, it’s similar in the way that it sometimes get a little bit boring on the raft, but once the adventure is complete it gives a very satisfactory feeling. Could definitely recommend this movie!


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