First Bourbon!

Saturday, I was doing some shopping and a friend asked me to buy a bottle of whiskey (yes it was really for a friend and not for me). And the bottle he asked for was not present anymore:

So I thought it was a good opportunity to try something new and that’s when I saw some Bourbon standing. And since I never drank it, and my friend wouldn’t probably mind, I bought ‘Samuel Grant Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey’. (Would like to refer you to their website but apparently the don’t have one (??) )
As the name of this brand says, bourbon is a type of whiskey, American whiskey to be more specific. I drank a glass together with my friend but I must say, I can’t really tell the difference with normal whiskey. Apparently bourbon should taste a bit more sweet and have a stronger ‘alcohol’ odor.

Interesting to know maybe is that it is made from corn and that it is named after the region where it historically was made first: Bourbon County in Kentucky.


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