First Time denied to drink alcohol in a bar

This Friday I went to a bar where a lot of Hult (my school) students were meeting for a drink. And there, for the first time,a bartender didn’t let me have a beer, despite the fact that I had my (Belgian) ID on me. They requested an official passport. And although this is something that might happen, it was the first time for me to experience this in San Francisco. Never had it in the 8 months I’ve been living here.

That’s why I started researching what the penalties are in case they would get cough serving to minors. You can find all the details here. But to summarize, the bar has to pay a minimum $1000 fee and risks losing their liquor license for couple of weeks. If it was not the first case anymore, or the person, who was furnished alcohol, got severely hurt, or started severely hurting other people, fines can skyrocket and the bartender may even face some time in jail.

Still thought it was a stupid experience, but at least I understand them a little better now.


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