First Belgian Not-Belgian Beer!


Did you know that Americans drink 78.2l/capita beer on average a year and therefore claim the 12th place in the ranking of most beer drinking countries? And did you know that Belgium with its average of 78.0l /capita is lagging one place behind?
Well now you know that Americans like beer and that they like to drink a lot.
But not only do they like beer, they’re also more and more interested in discovering new beers and experimenting with different tastes and types.
That is most probably also the reason why Belgian beers sell that good in the US. If I go to a random liquor store or night shop in SF, I can buy Duvel, Leffe, Stella, 3 types of Chimay and often some other Belgian beers as well. But what is even more surprising is the big amount of ‘Belgian Style’ beers. These beers are not brewed in Belgium but are brewed according to Belgian traditions. And they are quite popular I must say. I must also say that some are better than other and that the label ‘Belgian Style’ is not always a guarantee for superior taste.

Well, today I present to you ‘Fat Tire’ made by ‘New Belgium’.
New Belgium is a US beer brewing company founded in 1991 by an American who got inspired in Belgium by the local beers. He returned to the US to take a piece of the growing pie of nontraditional and high-quality beers. And he has not been doing bad since. They brew 22 kinds of different beers and grow every year. Some Belgian brewers work there now as well.

The beer I bought today ‘Fat Tire’ is one of their more famous ones. You can buy it pretty much all over San Francisco and is reasonably priced. It is an ‘Amber Ale’ of 5.2% with a special but interesting taste.

So takeaway of this post: Americans love Belgian Beer, they’re willing to pace a surcharge and the market is growing. Result: lots and lots of real and ‘not-real’ Belgian beers.

Cheers to that!


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