First Time Salesforce!


This Monday I started using Salesforce for my internship at SmartRecruiters. It is an online CRM system that, as you probably expected, enables you to manage all you contacts. Going from partners, clients to prospects and other stakeholders. Salesforce enables you to keep track of them. Founded in 1999, it is one of the most used CRM systems in the world and has some impressive users: facebook, General Electric, Electronic Arts, Thomson Reuters, …

(A remark that must be made is that they no also offer a lot more products than just CRM’s)

I had seen it before and already many people explained me what it can do, but it was nice to experiment with it myself.
My first impression was a bit overwhelming and confusing. Lots of tabs, lots of buttons, lots of information. I started of with watching some instructional videos but I must say these didn’t help that much. So I just started to play around and try to find what I was supposed to do with the system.
After a couple of hours I was of course getting more used to it, but still it wasn’t going very smooth. Especially when compared with Google products, it is not very straightforward and it takes you a lot of clicks to get somewhere and to get out of something. Because of the latter it is difficult to keep a good overview of where you are and what the data is you’re working on. To give you another example: I just didn’t figure out how to export a file while you would expect a button to be right there. I ended up copy pasting directly (which is not the good way to do it) since that was an easy option to get the job done.

Although the front-end is maybe not the best I’ve ever experienced, you notice that the back-end is very strong. It is robust and you start to understand why so many things are possible within this platform and why so many businesses are based on it. Even entire business models rely upon it, creating an entire ecosystem (eg. Influencer, Indicee, …)

I was considering creating an account for myself to start managing all my contacts. Because now in LinkedIn or facebook, I can’t see or put in where we met, what we talked about and if I want to follow up with that person or not. But unfortunately they have no free version and you need a company to register it on.

But actually there are some better systems common out to enable you doing that (Bizzabo, SoSo Cards)

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