Bought First Neurogadget: Emoki Ears


Last Friday I went to a networking event called Startup Socials behind the Ferry Building in SF. Multiple Startups presented their products their. Saw some interesting products but the thing the I found the most interesting were these 2 people (see picture above) that we ran into. They had these ears on as you can see, but it had some kind of strange sensor on your forehead and a some kind of device attached to it along the side.

So this is what they called their ‘Emokiwear’. It’s a mind controlled device and is a form of neurogadgets. The principle of these motorized ears is simple, the sensor knows your state of mind through measurement of brainwaves, heart rate, electrical activity and muscle movement. So if you’re excited the motorized ears start wiggling and moving, if you’re getting bored, the ears droop down. The device is powered by technology of NeuroSky.

Pretty much the moment I came home, I bought them and am now waiting to get delivered. But since it is a SF-based startup, it shouldn’t take to long. Looking forward to test them out!

If you want to know more or buy these Emoki ears, go and visit their website:
If you think this is the most awesome thing you ever saw, and want to know more about what else is out there, go and keep yourself updated through this website:


One thought on “Bought First Neurogadget: Emoki Ears

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