First Time Aguardiente!


As Russia has Vodka, Belgium Beer, Mexico Tequila, Columbia has … Aguardiente!

One of my Columbian friends introduced me to it the other day and made me have my first Aguardient ever! As this drink is also referred as burning water you can already get an idea of what it tastes like.
It’s 30% to 60% alcohol depending on the variation and personally reminded me of Ricard ( because of its anise flavor.

I’m not really of a spirit drinker but I must say that I liked it better than Tequila or Vodka. And because this version was ‘only’ 30% it was not really killing my stomach.

If you’re interested in trying it out as well, don’t go and look for a fancy bottle. As can be seen in the picture, this drink is mostly sold in brigs. Not really sexy but it’s the content that counts right?


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