First Prohibition Beer!


Today I bought (and will drink) my first Prohibition beer. The reason why I never tried this before is because San Francisco bars have too many Belgian beers 🙂 OK, it’s a lame excuse but that’s where this blog is good for I 😉

Anyway, short history: Prohibition period started in 1919 and forbid selling and drinking of alcoholic beverages. By 1933 the change to the 18 amendment was made undone and bars were allowed to open again. In between, the number of American breweries went from 1300 to 162.
Probably the most famous person of that era was Al Capone (who later ended up on Alcatraz in SF by the way) who was famous for his smuggling and bootlegging liquor.

During that period, hidden bars were opened to sell beer and liquor without the authorities knowing of it. These bars are better known as Prohibition or Speakeasy bars. Speakeasy refers literally to speaking quietly since the bars had to stay undercover and could not be discovered. For most of these bars, passwords were needed to enter. Some of those bars are still in existence and are definitely worth visiting.

So this beer (which I tried to take a nice picture off with the Transamerican Pyramid in the background) is one of the beers made for those types of bars. Although the brewery of this beer is not founded during that period, this is how those beers must have tasted like.



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