First Yahoo Account!


Hi! Today I was reading some article about Yahoo ( and it seems that they are trying really hard to come back and that it is working to some extent. They still have a very long way to go but at least is it worth keeping an eye on them.

Because of that I decided to make a Yahoo account and to play around a little with their products. See if there are things I like. Look if there is something that I think is better than some facebook, Google or Microsoft products.

The reason that I never had a Yahoo account before is because it was not available in Belgium and because I just worked with mostly Google and Microsoft products so far. So first time!

Anyhow, going to try to follow up a little closer on Yahoo from now on. Especially on their CEO (who’s only 37 years old and a previous employee of Google). Her name is Marissa Mayer. Definitely have a look at her. Interesting fact: started to follow her on Twitter and in her description there’s a link to her Google Plus profile. Little weird since they are pretty big competitors.

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