First Time Successfully Gamified my life


This weekend I successfully obtained my first goal in the ‘gamification of my life’. Not that life should be one big game 🙂 but see it rather as a fun and effective way of reaching goals and getting more out of yourself. Before I explain what I did, I’ll give you short introduction about gamification and how I got to it.

This blog ‘a first time every day’ is kind of a spin-off of what I was researching couple of weeks a go. I was thinking, if there was something like ‘gamifying your life’ I would really be interested in how that works and find out more about it. That’s how I stumbled upon this website:

Doing something for the ‘first time every day’ is actually one of my ways of reaching some of my goals.
I see it as a combination of gamification (turning my goals into something fun and rewarding myself for it) and social pressure (create the expectation of other people that you are going to do something so that you actually do it).

That being said, I reached my first gamified goal this weekend, which is spending 15 hours of valuable time. You basically set a timer and keep track of all the ‘valuable time spent’ (which coul be anything you promised yourself to do in the weekend). Once you hit the 15 hour mark, you reward yourself.

This is just one way of gamifying your life. You can find out a lot more about it on the ‘Living for improvement’ website mentioned above.

If you were wondering what I rewarded myself with, this is what I bought:

If you want to find out more about how gamification is invading our daily lives, Google Jesse Schell, or start with this Ted video:

If you by the way thought gamification is a small thing, think twice. It’s (becoming) very big. There’s a summit about in a couple of days in San Francisco. Find out more on:


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