First Time crashing a Start-Up

San Francisco-20130403-00249

After going to a SmartUp event ( organized by SmartRecruiters, the Start-up where I do my internship), I went for a drink with a buddie who also attended the event. We went to Murphy’s bar in Kearny in downtown SF and randomly met a guy there named Matt Schlicht. After shortly introducing ourselves he told us he was running his start-up, which was almost right above the bar. After pretty much inviting ourselves over we went up to have a look at the office.

Matt Schlicht’s company is called ( and offers a platform for artists to release new music and videos.

Although I had seen some other start-up offices, this one was the most ‘start-upish’ I had seen so far. With a Nintendo64 hooked up to their tv it gave me the image of how a young start-up should look like.

Either way, that’s how I basically crashed a Start-up in the middle of the evening for the first time. Would love to do this every week!

If you want to read more about, read this:


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